1. Bullshit Tradition - Empty Eyes Demo

    Bullshit Tradition - “The Invisible Hand”
    BST is an all vegan crust punk band hailing from Burlington VT featuring two of the guys from Unrestrained(VT not PDX).  they recorded a six song demo entitled “Empty Eyes” in which we put out on cassette in time for them to take along to Europe.   200 tapes were pressed and all but 30 were sold while in Europe, those last 30 copies will be available through Headfirst! Records in the next week or so.  I really dig this band. if you’d be interested in picking up a copy hit me up at   xfearnogodx  at gmail dot com  I can give you a heads up as to when they arrive.

    we also lowered the price on all our cassettes by $1 starting today ($3.50+postage now)

    check it out: http://www.page63.com

    reblog if you enjoy it! these guys are a new band and would love to spread the word! also hit me up if you want a free download of the full release


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      Bullshit Tradition - The Invisible Hand
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